I am Alissabeth. I'm a wife to and mother to a two year old boy. Being a wife and mother is the dream I always had and I am so blessed to be where I am!

I am a child of God and try to live my life in a way that will please Him and minister to others. My life has been led by Him in so many ways. I married when I was 18 and went to nursing school when I had always said I would never go to college. God led me to my husband at an early age and changed my mind about school. He is still working in my life and I truly believe that he has brought me where I am for a purpose. Although I do not know all that He has in store for me, I strive to trust Him every day and follow the direction I feel impressed on my spirit.

I am a RN, but am currently not working so that I can be home with my little one. I love being a nurse, but staying home during these sweet days is more important to me. I always have the option of going back when I feel led.

I began this blog because so many of my friends were interested in couponing and shopping drug stores. It was a way for me to put all my information and tips in one place for everyone. However, as I continue in this, my goals are changing and this blog is constantly evolving into something far greater than I imagined. I have some new and exciting things coming in the near future, so follow me and keep up with those changes!

When I'm not blogging, sorting through coupons or planning shopping trips, I love to read, watch movies, spend time with my family, and go out with friend. I have loads of scrapbooking and stamping supplies, and sewing and knitting supplies, but don't seem to find the time to do those things. If I could find some great inspiration to get me started on them, I know I would be passionate about it.

I hope that you enjoy this site and learn things that you didn't know or expand on what you already know! Come back often!

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