Media and Sponsorship

Do you have a product or service that you would like me to review and share?
I am currently accepting requests for family friendly, natural or organic products, and healthy living products. If you are interested, please contact me for advertising rates.

Are you interested in sharing your product or brand, in a large group environment, through a partnership?
I am currently seeking sponsorship to attend the Relevant Conference. This conference is focused on Christian fellowship between a number of women mother's and bloggers. This is a great way to get exposure of your product out to women and mommy bloggers.

I am currently seeking sponsorship to attend the 2011 Savvy Blogging Summit. This conference is focused on building a better blog and business, with advanced courses for previous attendees. This is a great way to get awesome exposure for of your product to a variety of bloggers.

About Faith, Family, Frugality:

Launched in June of 2009, Faith, Family, Frugality is a way to share inspiring and faith based experiences, family experiences, and my passion for couponing and savings with those around me. The site is updated at least once per day with personal stories, savings and deal finds.

After attending the inaugural Savvy Blogging Summit, my vision has become more clear, and I am in the process of designing a personal website, as well as various other changes in the focus and topics of my blog. Some of the changes have already included reaching out via social media networking on Facebook.

From June 27-July 27, 2010, Faith, Family, Frugality received:
1255 Page Views
706 Unique Visitors

Currently, Faith, Family, Frugality has:
382 Twitter Followers

These numbers are increasing daily.

Costs of attending the Relevant conference:
Registration: $259
Hotel: $327
Flight: $400
Food: $75
Total Conference Costs: $1,061

Preliminary costs of attending the Savvy Blogging Summit:
Registration: $250 (early bird discount provided at a later date)
Hotel: $159/night
Transportation: $30
Flight: TBD
Food: $75
Total Conference Costs: TBD

Methods of Advertising Your Company:
Above the line advertising on Faith, Family, Frugality for a predetermined length of time.
Minimum of 3 posts regarding your company or product - before, during and after the event.
Tweeting of your brand as my sponsor, with the conference hashtag.
Wearing your brand or logo during the conference.
Passing out product samples or branding material at the conference, in designated areas.
Giveaway opportunities before or during the conference - upon personal review prior.

Please contact me for further information and pricing.