Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do I store coupons??

Want a peek at how I keep my coupons organized? It isn't the greatest, but it works for me and was pretty cheap and easy. There are binders out there that a lot of people use. You could also use a divided recipe box...not as easy to tote or hold large quantities.

1. Find a binder on clearance at Target/CVS/Walmart, etc. I started out with a 1 in on clearance for .50 at Target, but had to quickly move to a 1.5 in on clearance $1 at CVS.

2. Go to Walmart or Target and get the baseball card page protectors (these are a tad pricey, 6.99, but you get a ton). At Target they are with the cards near the cash registers. At Walmart, I found them in one of the check out lanes, as the one I go to didn't have them in sports/crafts. While you're there, get some tabbed dividers.

3. Keep a calculator and some scissors handy! If you can fit one of those pencil pockets in, this would work out great, or make sure you have some in your purse! You never know when you'll find a booklet in the store that you'll want to cut something out of!

Always keep your coupon policies in the pocket, just in case you have to whip them out!!

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