Monday, June 15, 2009

Waiting for CVS

Well, I went out yesterday to do a CVS run. I had 9 ECB in pocket, but was supposed to have 10 ECB on my card to be printed for a survey I completed by being a member of the CVS Advisor Panel. Well, I got in, did my shopping and got to check out, only to find that the 10 ECB aren't there yet!! SO AGGRIVATING! I had emailed the company, last Monday or Tuesday, that does the surveys about this and they said it was supposed to go active Thursday. Well, obviously not. I am a little ticked with them right now, but hopefully it gets resolved soon. I would really hate to go do my run and the products not be in stock! That is why I like to do it early in the week.

Also, a little tidbit for seems as though Sunday and Monday are the best days to do your shopping. Want to know why? I have found that when I shop these days, CVS store coupons for $$ off a certain item get printed in abundance! Yesterday, I bought a clearance toothbrush for .50, trying to get that 10 ECB to print, and I got 4 coupons! Some of them I will not use, but 2 of them I will! This is also how the price checker scanner works...if you can find one in your store. You just scan your card, up to 3 times a day I think, and it prints out store coupons for you. I have only seen 1 store locally with this though. If you find one (it will be a big red machine, or maybe a grey/blue machine on the wall similar to Target and Walmart) let me know!

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