Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walgreens Run

I usually do not shop Walgreens, because I find their reward system a hassle. Plus, the managers tend to not work with you about getting what you want as much as CVS, Publix, etc.

The picture shows what I got. Here is the breakdown:

1 Organix Shampoo @ 6.99 with TRY ME FREE sticker
1 Organix Conditioner @ 0.00 (was B1G1)
= 7.55 on gift card
= 0.00 after rebate

1 Aquafresh Advance
2 J/J Baby powder 1.5 oz @ 2/$2
- $1 Aquafresh MQ
- 2/$1 J/J MQ
= 1.40 OOP
Got 4 Register Rewards back, plus a coupon

I had 2 Aquafresh that I purchased, but I forgot that when you buy 2 of the same items that are supposed to print out Register Rewards, only one will print. Therefore, I returned it. I could 'roll the deal', but Walgreens is difficult, because you cannot use a previous RR towards an item of the same manufcaturer, or it will not print another RR. You can use a RR from a different manufacturer and still get the RR though. For more information on shopping Walgreens go here and here. Here is a great link for the basics of couponing.

I also had an item that was on clearance for $3. I knew I had a coupon for it, but the coupon was $5. The manager came over and said he could not do anything about it. I left the item off. HOWEVER, when I got to the car, I realized I could have whipped out my WALGREENS COUPON POLICY...which clearly stated that if the value of the item is less than the value of the coupon, the price value of the item would be adjusted up to the coupon value minus tax. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR COUPON POLICY HANDY!

Here is a link to the coupon policy for Walgreens.

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