Sunday, July 5, 2009

CVS Starter Scenarios

Many of you have been telling me how hard you think CVS is. It is hard at first, but gets easier. The biggest thing about getting started is that you have nothing to work with. Here are 2 scenarios courtesy of Southern Savers. She has more on her page. Go here for the rest and more ideas....scroll down to the bottom. These first ones do not require coupons. IF YOUR STORE DOES NOT HAVE THE ITEMS.....get a RAIN CHECK!!

(3)CVS Pencil packs or sharpeners .99¢ ea
(1) CVS Pantiliners .89¢ ea
Total Due: $3.86
Get Back: $3.86 ECB

(3) Transparent tape $1.49 ea
-$3.86 ECB
Total Due: $0.61
Get Back: $4.47 ECB

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