Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In a Coupon Rut!

We just got back from vacation and I have very little desire to shop and seek out great bargains. I did go to Walgreens yesterday to buy 2 Rembrandt items to use an expiring RR and get a $5 RR. I have done my grocery shopping yesterday and today and not really been too into getting the best deals...just trying to get it done! I have
used some coupons, but not as strategically. It just isn't on my priority/desire list right now. I have a ton of coupons to cut out and sort and I'm just not in the mood. I guess maybe I was burnt out and didn't realize it til I went away and had no cares about it. It's not exactly a bad thing because sometimes you get so caught up in it, you become obsessed with getting the best deals or getting the papers and making your lists. It isn't healthy at that point. It just takes you away from what really should be your priority...God, family, home, etc. So, if you are starting to feel overwhelmed or just like you can't focus on what really matters, I suggest taking a break. Use what you have as far as supplies and use coupons that you have in your binder, but take a break from the whirlwind that couponing can be! I am actually enjoying the break! Although, I don't look forward to what I will have to organize when I feel like jumping back in!

I will keep blogging here and I'm sure I'll be back into it next week for CVS, etc!

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