Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Confession of Neglect

I have a confession to make. A particular member of our household has been very neglected.

David and I have been married almost 7 years. This member has been very faithful to us, yet we have not paid the attention needed to it. It is my trusty Hoover vacuum. Don't get me wrong when I say the following, as I am a very clean person. I vacuum at least twice a week and mop once a week. I keep my laundry up most of the time. We try to change the air filters every few months. The only other thing I neglect is the ironing, because I absolutely CANNOT STAND to iron! I was taught how to do it well, but it is one of my least favorite tasks.

Did you know you are supposed to change your vacuum filters every 3-4 months?! For the past 84 months (!!!!), I have not changed any of my filters. EEEK!!! Now, I have taken the HEPA out and shaken all the dust out and tried to wash an unwashable final filter. I just couldn't stand the though of spending $30-35!

Well, the other day I finally took the plunge. I was surprised to see the variety of products available at Walmart compared to a year ago. Did you know they make Febreeze filters and Arm & Hammer filters? I had no clue. So, my $32 was well spent on a Febreeze HEPA and A&H final filter (a double pack ;-)!). The performance improvement is outstanding and ashamedly, I admit that the air quality will be much improved because it won't be severely dust laden. Also, the Febreeze scent that fills the house, although a little strong at the moment, is much better than a dusty vacuum smell!!

Hoover, I will no longer neglect you!!!

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