Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Pays to Inquire

I have been getting so frustrated with my local Publix's lately. I read on Southern Savers about all the great coupon booklets that come out. Lately, they have been abundant. However, every time I go into one of the stores, I always look for them, and can never find them, with the exception of the Toss for Cash booklet. One time, I even saw one of those cardboard display stands that holds chips or cereal or something and on the actual board, it said, "Grab your booklet now!". I walked around the thing twice and didn't see any booklets attached to the display. That made me kind of mad.

I was reading many of the comments about how people aren't finding them and have been contacting Customer Service regarding the issue. Some said they were mailed the booklets they questioned about, others said the store manager contacted them directly and they were there the next time, etc.

I decided I wanted to try and see what would happen if I contacted CS regarding my concern. Well, I received a telephone call one day from some company saying they got my request for booklets and were sending them. I had no clue what that meant. While I was in Atlanta, all the booklets I mentioned, plus some other ones came! I was so happy (although, of course I was able to find some in Atlanta's Publix stores). I now have a nice collection of the booklets. Of course I don't use all the coupons, but at least I can see what is available and take my pick.

It never hurts to email Customer Service regarding your complaints, concerns, or praises. You may get a simple thank you, but you never know what you might get in return! :-)

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