Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lowes Build and Grow Clinics

Today, our local Lowes sponsored a Safety Awareness event. We attended to visit my dad at his weather booth, but there were loads more booths. There were Fire trucks, Rescue trucks, Police cars, Search and Rescue boats and the search dog, and other local EMA groups.

We had the opportunity to participate in the Build and Grow clinic that was going on today. They opened it for all attendees due to the event. Today, we built a fire truck. Ian loves that little truck and enjoyed 'helping' daddy build it.

There are more events planned for the month of October. The list can be seen here. On the 10th, the event will be a Ball Toss and the 24th the Frankenstring Magic Trick. You must register online ahead of time to get the activity, apron and goggles. There is no cost. It is recommended for grades 1-5, but it doesn't mention they won't let a younger child participate with supervision.

If Ian cooperates, I'll get a picture up of his truck.

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