Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Razor Review

With all the cheap deals on razors at CVS, I usually tend to buy them. I can always use razors and like the fact that I can stock up on them and give them away to family members too. Why not share what you can get for free??!!

That being said, I think I have found the best and worst razors by doing this. I usually prefer mens razors, because they seem to get so much closer than women's and don't leave behind a nasty razor burn.

Being a BZZAgent, I got to try the Soleil Bella razors. They were decent. I liked them at first, but then after one or two uses, it felt like it was tearing the hair, not cutting it.

I have also tried the Schick Intuition and Quattro. I really like the concept of the Intuition, but the soap bar runs out fast and the razor isn't all that sharp and doesn't seem to cut the sensitive areas without leaving some kind of inflammation. The Quattro was a decent shave, but I absolutely do not like the way the head is and the fact that it doesn't pivot.

I would have to say that my favorite woman's razor is the Venus line. I haven't tried the disposables yet though. The Breeze is amazing. It gets a super close shave in all areas, and doesn't irritate or leave behind razor burn. It also has the pivoting head, which to me is important around the knees, because that is a hard area to get all the hairs without doing multiple attempts at every angle!

After using the Venus for several weeks, I went back to the Intuition, with extremely bad results. The lack of a close shave and severe irritation from changing to a lower blade razor was so not worth it!

I think I'll be donating the razors I don't like from now on!!


  1. Agreed - the Spa Breeze is my fave too! If I don't have that one available, I use my husband's mach3 :)

  2. Haha! I told David that with all these free or .99 Gillette Fusion, I'll be stealing some from his drawer soon!