Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CVS Run $2.84 OOP w/ 13.98 ECB Back

I had a plan going into CVS today, but it was foiled when I realized I didn't have the right coupon for the Gillette shaving cream to do that deal. I browsed around, because I had a stack of rain checks and cashed in on those deals from back to school and before that I couldn't get. I also decided against the free bag, because all they had left were skeletons....not a fan at all.

2 Sense and Spray @ 2/10.00 (raincheck)
2 Mini Composition @ 1.99 ea (raincheck)
1 Index Card holder @ .99 (raincheck)
1 Recycled School Box @ 1.99 (raincheck)
1 Loreal Cleanser @ 7.99
1 Loreal Towlette @ 7.99
2 Pumpkin Carving Kits @ 1.99 ea
-$3/2 Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer CRT
-7.99 Cleanser Free with purchase of towlettes
-2/$2 Loreal Printables off website
-2/$4 Sense and Spray (held out on these - tried to buy 4 last week, but were still out of stock - got stock after they all expired of course)
-8 ECB (should've used 9 so total would be negative and plus tax would be less OOP)
=.93 + 1.91 tax
Total $2.84 on gift card (yes, I still have this and it still has 4.xx left!)
Got 13.98 ECB back

I have 10 ECB from last week, so I'll start next week with 23.98!

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