Friday, November 6, 2009

Done the Walgreen Money Maker?

There are several different scenarios for an awesome Walgreens money maker on Almay makeup. This of course is taking into consideration that your Walgreens is actually ringing the Almay up B1G1. You can see the scenarios HERE, in the comments, HERE and HERE.

You will need the little pamphlet for November that is usually when you walk in the store. This is not what is advertised, but you will see the FREE come up across the computer if it is going this way. Even if it isn't B1G1, it's still a really good deal!

This was done at the Atlanta Hwy Walgreens near Walmart/Post Office. Here is what I did for a $13 MM:

Trans. #1:
.49 Crackers (filler item, was worried about being negative)
Glade Soy Candle @ 3.99(sale)
Almay Pure Blends Foundation @ 9.99
Almay Pure Blends Mascara @ 6.99
2 Almay One Coat Mascara @ 13.98

- 8.00 Almay Mascara Coupon in Walgreens November Pamphlet (took off $4 twice)
- 3.50 Glade Coupon (was expiring today, couldn't let it waste!!)
- 7.00 RR from last week
- 1.00 RR from last week
- 1.00 RR from last week
- 6.99 Mascara B1G1 Deal
- 6.99 Pure Blends Mascara B1G1 Deal
=.96 + 2.15 tax
= 3.11 OOP
Rcvd 10, 5, 1 RR for a 12.89 MM!

Trans. # 2:
Glade Soy Candle @ 3.99

- 3.50 MQ (expiring today)
= .49 + .40 tax
= .89 OOP (spare change!)
Rcvd $1 RR for a .11 MM!

Even if you don't have any RR to apply to the first transaction, you could still get a Pure Blends Foundation and a Pure Blends Mascara B1G1 (if your store is ringing this way) for 9.99 plus tax with 15 RR back. Or you could do the One Coat Mascara x 2, B1G1, use the in store coupon, find a filler item for $1.01 and pay mostly tax. Nearly free makeup is ALWAYS good!

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