Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time For A New Game Plan

Tuesday night, I attended Extreme Couponing 101, hosted by Jenny of Southern Savers. Yes, even I need help! I did learn a few things I never knew and got a few hints from Jenny as well as others in the group. I also realized how I can better save more than I do now.

The biggest problem I'm having now is keeping up my coupon binder and coupon cutting. I have piles of coupons in several rooms. It is ridiculous. First off, I think I'm going to downsize the number of papers I get. Since I can see sales for Publix the night before they start, I have enough time to order them online and receive them, if there is a super sale that I need to take advantage of that week. If I don't have enough of the coupons I need, I can get them from The Coupon Clippers.

I have also determined that I am going to ditch my binder when the coupons in it expire, for the most part. Maybe not ditch it completely, but at least try an easier method. I'm going to get a Pendaflex file and keep the inserts whole (Jenny's choice). Since most sites that show you deals also tell you the source and date, there is no need to cut them ALL out. Just Sharpie the date on the front and file the sets together. This will not only save TIME, it will save SPACE! Space in the sense of not cluttering up my house!

Jenny mentioned that she uses her own lists, which is so cool to know that not only is she doing it for us, but she uses them herself! She refers to the source of the coupons needed for the deal listed that week, flips through her large file, cuts those specific ones out and puts them in a baggy or a cancelled check file to take in with her. I think this is good for two reasons. One, again, it saves you the time of cutting them out, but second, it keeps you from spending UNECESSARY MONEY. With my coupon binder, since everything is so neat and organized, if I see clearance for Glade or Tide, etc., I just flip to where the coupon is and pruchase that item. In a sense, I'm getting a good deal, but I'm also spending that amount more than might be part of my budget that week, etc. I have a problem with clearance finds and impulse buys on them. I don't think it's a problem if you really NEED the item, but if you don't and you've got a ton stocked up already, what's the point?

So, in the next month or two, when all the current coupons expire, I'll be switching to hopefully, a better strategy, which in turn keeps me from spending on stuff I don't really need.

If you've not begun couponing and want to, Jenny has some great information available here. If you do coupon, and need more information, it is a great source as well.

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