Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy Busy

This week has been a busy week. I know it will only get busier as Christmas gets closer. Monday was 'one of those days'. Tuesday we were away from home all day. Yesterday, we stayed around the house, but didn't do much. Today, we had playgroup and then a napless afternoon, with some errands to follow the failed nap attempt.

Ian's birthday is coming up, so I'm trying to figure out party stuff. I found out today that Party City is discontinuing the Finding Nemo line, which of course is his theme, so I'm going to have to buy favors online tonight so they'll be here by next weekend! That kind of threw me for a loop. Party planning is not easy. I know he's only going to be 2, but we have a lot of family coming. With figuring food out and cakes, gifts, etc, I'm just focused on that most of the time.

I'm not even going to go to CVS this week. Just don't have the enthusiasm to do it. I might go to Rite Aid since it will be on the way of my errands tomorrow. We'll see. I don't plan to put a lot of effort into anything! I've got too much other stuff to do!

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