Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Goals

I am not about 'resolutions'. I try to set goals and reach them. I think that resolutions don't necessarily give you an end. Yes, you may want to work out this year, but what is the goal? A goal is the end result. "I want to lose 20 pounds by working out", or "I want to get my grocery budget down to $75/wk". It is almost like a tangible result, rather than a verbal resolution just floating in the air, being able to see that you did lose the 20 pounds AND are working out. This year, I really want to change things.

The first goal is of course to further my relationship with God. Time just is tight when you have a toddler, and I really need to make better use of it. I am going to start getting up early to get in my quiet time first thing, hopefully making for a more peaceful day. If I do it then, I can use nap time as a workout time or just a relaxing me time.

Second, blogging is fun and a creative outlet, and couponing can be addictive. I really need to find a way to limit my time on the computer during the day, so I can focus on my son and the needs of my household. I really like Money Saving Mom's idea of creating a lock to where you can only use the computer at certain times. I'm going to have to research it. For me, if the computer is on, it sends a signal that draws me to it, so if it is not on, or unusable, I think that will remedy that problem. This of course will resolve my time management issues.

Most importantly, we really want to be a better steward of what God has given us. Especially financially. We are very blessed to have one income, so that I can stay home and not need the second income. This year, I want to really focus on getting out of debt and paying things off. Of course this is all secondary to tithing the first fruits of what we've been given.

My goals are to be able to pay things off and start saving in a way we never have before. I don't know about you, but I want to be prepared if there is ever a need, so that we do not have to spend the next 10 years paying something off. I'm just sick of it. It seems like a never ending cycle, which it is, by the time interest accrues and you make the minimum or even more than the minimum payments. Plus, as Ian gets older, college approaches and I really want to have a good amount saved ahead of time for that.

So, my goals as far as finances are to create a workable budget, and use the envelope system to control the spending. Also, I really want to cut my grocery costs and try not to buy the extra things that we don't need, that I would spend money OOP on. I'm not talking CVS, because I use those ECB to purchase things we do use, and the things we don't use, I donate....because I pay pennies for the stuff there. Also, on the topic of CVS, I am going to set a limit of how much I can spend each week, so that it doesn't get out of control. CVS isn't the hard one for me, it's Walgreens and Rite Aid spending OOP that gets me. I'm going to try to roll my RR and Rite Aid rebates into my purchases better, and of course set a budget for these stores too.

I just cleaned out my coupon binder and it is pretty bare. I have posted previously on using a different system, which I think will help in not buying spur of the moment sale items I don't necessarily need. Of course, I will continue stocking up on items so that my weekly budget can be lowered a bit. I have my full coupon inserts in front of me labeled by date and just need to create a file....which I already have.

I have begun one of my other goals of weeding through our house and donating things we don't use or that are cluttering up the place. I have donated to Faith Rescue several times and even have a trunk load to go right now. Also, I have reorganized along with the donating. It makes the house seem so much roomier when you don't have all the 'stuff'.

These are just a few of the goals I have. What goals do you have? How can you make it a goal with an attainable end rather than just words?

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