Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheap Toilet Paper

Rite Aid has a good deal on toilet paper and Maybelline mascara this week.

Quilted Northern is $6.49 for a 12 pack.
-Go here and watch the video for Quilted Northern and get a $2 store coupon. If you watch so many videos, you get a $5/$20 coupon, which is great for those awesome sale weeks (not this week).
-Go here and print the $1 Quilted Northern MQ (on the left, click 'Household'), or look for one in the 1/24 Smart Source insert in your Sunday paper.
= 3.49/12 pack

Maybelline Cosmetics are 40% off.
Colossal Mascara in the yellow tube, for me, was $7.39 on sale for $4.43.
-Go here and watch the video for Maybelline and get a $1 off mascara coupon.
-$1 off Maybelline mascara in the 1/10 Red Plum insert in your Sunday paper.
-$2 Single Check Rebate, you must sign up. (Don't cash in your check til the end of the month! You can only get one check for the whole month's purchases! This rebate is for FEBRUARY, so you have a ways to go.) - THIS IS A LIMIT OF 1 REBATE!
=$0.43 for a tube of mascara!

If you want more mascara, $3.43 is still a good price!

I did this deal today and spent $7.56 OOP and will get $2.00 back. For toilet paper and makeup, that is awesome!

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