Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Different Store Vent

I'm so aggravated right now. We went out to eat tonight, courtesy of a secret shop, so the meal will be $5 OOP. Afterwards, I needed to go to Publix, however, this was a different city. I LOVE my Publix that I usually shop! It is so aggravating when you go into another store and they don't have anywhere near the selection, are out of stock of several things, the quality is not as good, etc. I really liked the store environment, but they didn't have some of the stuff I needed, and the stuff that I had to get was outrageously expensive, even after my coupons. So, needless to say, a small list ended up costing me $40. Thankfully, this will get me through the week, so I will be in my new budget goal. However, I'm aggravated because I know I could have done better! Plus, I think something rang up more than the price on the sticker, and I know I could have gotten it free if I took it back, but again, it is another city. Ugh.

This wasn't the only store, we went to another one, and the selection there was way different too. I guess you just have to stick to what you know and what works the best, and not deviate!

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