Monday, January 18, 2010

Eureka Enviro Steamer - My Opinion

I have always been a vacuum and mop person. I always used a bucket of water with a string mop. Of course, when I had Ian, I was concerned about the chemicals I was using and changed to the Clorox Greenworks line. I really like that stuff because it is more natural (not 100%) than most products, and it doesn't have a horrible smell that stays in the air forever after you use it.

I was using the Orange Glo hardwood cleaner with the mop that comes with it. This was kind of annoying though, because you have to wet the pad, then spray the floor as you go. I know someone who has the H2O mop and really liked it. I, of course, have to have something that can work on wood floors. I have used a Swiffer before, and they are junk. They leave streaks on wood and don't seem to clean the floor, and I definitely don't think it sanitized!

I began looking online and came across the Eureka Enviro Steamer. The cheapest place to buy this was Amazon. I started reading reviews about this and there were some really incredible, detailed, comparative reviews that people had posted. These reviews were so helpful in leading me to decide what to buy. I was thinking about the Shark, because we all see that everywhere. However, it was one of the worst reviewed steam mops. The Eureka however, was one of the best reviewed at a reasonable price.

I ordered this mop after Christmas, with some money I received. This was after I got to sign up for Amazon Prime for $1, so I got the free 2 day shipping.

The mop arrived in a nice sturdy box, inside nice packaging. It was very easy to put together. The pads that come with it are not extremely thick, but they are waffle weave, so seem to pick up a little better than my previous flat pad cleaner. If they were thicker, steam wouldn't penetrate though. The good thing about this mop is you fill up the base head with water and you plug it in and go. They provide the measuring tools and the heat up and cool down base.

The instructions say to let it heat for 3-4 minutes, but the first time I used it, I was very dissatisfied. It wouldn't steam and left my floor as wet as a mop and water would. I was considering packing it back up and returning it. I decided to go online and read more of the Amazon reviews. In doing this, I found another woman who had the same problem the first time, but when she went back later to use it, she let it heat longer and it worked properly.
I tried the mop again, a few days later, and was very satisfied. It steamed when it was ready, and you know when it does, and cleaned the floors nicely. The steam dried in about 15-30 seconds, depending on the surface (wood dried faster than tile). This little mop got up stomped in, dry peas from dinner the night before. I took the pad off when I was done and could definitely see how much dirt and grime my mop and wood mop missed! Now I don't even have to let it heat long, before it starts steaming to let me know it's ready. I think maybe the water has to run through the system the first time.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the $70 spent and so glad I won't have to buy sprays or cleaners for my floors, and can contribute to being 'green'! I am also pleased with the fact that since this heats to 200 degrees, it is sanitizing the floor in a way that warm water wouldn't!

Adjustable Handle
Water Indicators
Pivoting handle
Wide Head
Steam comes out entire head, not just center
No Trigger = Constant Steam
220 Degree Heat
Washable mop pads (don't dry them in the dryer!)

Doesn't reach down into grout
May not fit under all cabinets/kick board area
This is my personal opinion of this product. I bought this product on my own and am posting so that others may find it helpful!

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