Saturday, January 16, 2010

Savings Saturday

I have been couponing since probably late spring last year. However, I haven't actually kept up with how much I am savings, yes I would see it on the receipts, but not the total year. Since, I am still doing this and we have started a new year, I'll be participating in Savings Saturday with many other bloggers out there. I'll show you what I spent and saved for the week. This for me will consist of groceries and drug trips. I am trying to be really good with my new budget goals. This will allow you to see whether I am making those goals and it will also allow me to be more compliant with them!

I was going to post pictures, but Photoshop is not loaded on this computer yet, so I can't resize my mega pictures. Words will have to do for this week, or I'll upload pictures later.

Publix: I have gone twice this week, once was to get things that I absolutely needed, but that was related to my vent post earlier in the week. The second time, I did much better and really just got some other things I needed and some great deals I couldn't pass up. I got 6 Stonyfield yogurts for 1.00! Everyone decided to take up on that deal last week, so I had to get a rain check! I also did the Hall's (.55 MM), Glad bags (2/4.49), Aleve (without MQs - 1.78/2), Sudafed Triple (.99 after MQ/SQ) needed some Hellman's and got some Thomas Bagel Thins (B1G1 - needed Eng. muffins, but the wheat weren't on sale, so these will do in place of them), ice cream, bananas and cauliflower.

Trip 1 - Spent $47.16. Saved $5.35 (BAD TRIP!) - 10%
Trip 2 - Spent $25.75. Saved $36.29 - 58%
Thankfully, that is within my $75/wk goal!

Walgreens: Just got some tissues that were on sale. We were out.
Spent $2.11. Saved $2.30 - 52%

CVS: There wasn't much I saw on the list. I needed eye stuff, so I figured I'd use my $15 ECB, that was expiring from a survey, towards it rather than paying OOP for it at Sam's (where I usually buy). I tried to get the Nivea from last week (RC), but they were still out. I did find a light bulb from last week (RC). I like designated reusable bags too, so I did that deal.

Spent $4.46. Saved $20 - 82%
Received 3, 1, 1 (4th bag tag scan), 2 (RC for light bulb)

Rite Aid: I got some of the freebies after SCR and MQ (Contac, Theraflu, light bulbs), did the Axe, Gum and Bic, and did the Benevia for overage. Also, I had my $10 Gift of Savings that I used. I wish I would have seen the 5/25 coupon! Oh well. I bought some of the others because I had coupons, they had rebates and the Game of Life tickets. On that note, I get 4 more free tickets from instant win!

Spent $13.24 (paid mostly with $11.99 SCR from last month, so $1.25 OOP). Saved $61.14 - 82%
Get back in SCR $10.99

Total Spending: $93 (really $82 b/c of Rite Aid payment)
Total Savings: $125 - 57%
All within budget!
To keep up with this information, I am loving this chart here. If you use Google Docs, just hit 'File' and then 'Make a copy'. This will allow you to input your information. Just save as a different name.

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