Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Consignment Shopping

I have had a busy 2 weeks! Not only have we had family things going on, such as birthdays and other things, but I participated in a local, semi annual consignment sale. I had to gather and sort all my items, price them, tag them and then drop all the stuff off. I took 217 items, which included clothing, toys, and household items. I only have 1 child!! I did have a good bit of toys and household stuff, so it wasn't ALL clothes. I am happy to say that I made $355! I also volunteered some time, in exchange for shopping before anyone else. That was pretty fun and it is well worth the 12 hours to be able to jump start your shopping before the public!

I use this opportunity, twice a year, to buy gently used clothes for my son. I have even bought smocked clothing for a fraction of the price. This event takes place in the spring and fall, so I get to plan ahead for two seasons worth of clothing. So far, it has worked out excellent. I have always gotten more than enough clothes for him. The difficult part is guessing ahead whether or not he will have a growth spurt and be in the next size up.

I have spent $150 on clothing for the spring and summer - which included shoes, play clothes, dress clothes, 2 bathing suits and a toy and book. So, with the extra money, mommy gets to go shopping!!! I'm really excited about that part, because I seldom buy things for myself, and I desperately need some new stuff!

Ask around your area and see if anyone hosts large consignment sales. It is a wonderful way to save money on the clothes that our kids grow out of so fast!


  1. Hey Alissabeth... people can find area consignment sales (and their ratings) at

    If we are missing a sale in your area, please let me know... we are trying to get a comprehensive list together because MOMMIES NEED NEED NEED these sales these days!

  2. That's awesome! Thank you!! I will forward the information along to the consignors I know.