Monday, February 22, 2010

Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman

A while back, I posted about a website that allows bloggers to receive copies of books in return for a review on their blog. I also mentioned that I was getting the book Plain Pursuit to review.

Well, I have finally read the book! I got it and realized I hadn't read the first book in the series, so I got the first book off PaperBack Swap. While I don't believe it is completely necessary to read the first book, I always like to read books in a series in their proper order. Adequate background is given throughout the story, in order to catch you up.

Plain Pursuit is a the second book in the "Daughters of Promise" series by Thomas Nelson. It follows the life of Carley Marek who is holding on to the pains of her past after the death of her mother and physical impairments to herself, but is forced to go on a month long vacation in order to rediscover herself. Carley journeys to Amish country to visit a friend who recently joined the Amish faith. While visiting Lillian, Lillian's son becomes deathly ill and finds his source of healing from an unmentioned family member. Carley realizes that she loves the quiet and peaceful lifestyle her friend lives, as well as the love of family and community. She must decide whether she wants to let go of her past and move forward or stay in the miserable state she was in before her 'vacation'.

I LOVE Amish fiction. There is just something about it that draws me to it. I have read so many books by other authors, and this series sits up there with the rest of them. I highly recommend this author for an easy read. Everything flows well and keeps your attention, allowing for a very enjoyable experience. I am sure that you will be touched, as I was!

*I received this book from Thomas Nelson and BookSneeze in return for my honest opinions. All opinions posted are my own.*

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