Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Savings Saturday - Late Again

It seems as though my weekends have been extremely busy lately. Birthday season is upon us here.

I really didn't shop a big trip, I kind of went a couple times for small trips. However, I went to Walmart. Let me tell you, going in there only strengthened the fact of how much I hate shopping there now. It wasn't a bad experience, it's just that I KNOW I can get stuff for a LOT cheaper even by shopping at Publix or drug stores! The only reason I went is because it is closer and less a toll trip both ways. Detailed CVS/Wags trip here.

Spent $48.57
Saved $4.32 - not even going to mention the %!

Spent $20.44
Saved $2.16 -10%

CVS: 4 Transactions - One trip was $0.00 OOP because the computer applied my ECB to tax?! Very random and unusual.
Spent $3.23 (Diapers, Shampoo, Body Wash, etc)
Saved $53.73 - 94%

Spent $8.12
Saved $8.79 - 52%

Total Spent $80.36
Total Saved $69.00

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