Saturday, February 20, 2010

Savings Saturday

I haven't gone grocery shopping in two weeks! So, I haven't had anything to post. I've just been so busy with other things.

I did go to Target and Publix this week. I only went yesterday, so it was more of a stock up and get a few more things to put us through the weekend. Now, I'm glad that I did it yesterday, because I have a sick toddler!

Publix: Got the huge Huggies refill pack for $3.49! They took my $1.50 Target Q!
Spent: $82.36
Saved $47.00 - 36% I need to break the 30s!

Spent: $39.68 on Gillette/Olay deal (4 razors and 3 body wash) and some other things
Saved: $52.63 - 57%
Got $15 in gift cards

Sorry, my picture is on my camera and I can't upload it to this computer.

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