Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tropicana Rewards

I just bought a thing of OJ last night for a mom's group I had this morning. As I was putting the OJ in the fridge, I noticed that Tropicana has started a rewards program. It is kind of like Coke rewards, where there is a code on the twist lid, that you enter online.

Go here and register with the program.
Take a 4 question survey right away and get 1 point.

When you enter codes, you can redeem for rewards and enter sweepstakes. Rewards include coupons towards all kinds of activities and stores, such as free admissions to museums, massage discounts, fitness and exercise discounts, amusement and zoo discounts, etc. There are plenty of rewards and you can find things that are in your state or maybe a state you are traveling too.

This is definitely worth checking out!

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