Saturday, March 20, 2010

Savings Saturday - Best Ever Publix and MM at Rite Aid

This week I really didn't need a lot of groceries, so I took advantage of stock up prices at Publix. Kashi cereal, Prego Sauce, Perdue nuggets, Stonyfield yogurt, and Right Guard deodorant (2/$5). Some items I got because I had FREE coupons that were expiring on 3/31, so I wanted to make sure I used them up! Oh, see that roll of paper towels? That was the penny item, however, I did not get a paper, so I didn't have the coupon. If you don't have the coupon and want the item, tell them at checkout that you want the item, but don't have the coupon - they may let you get it. I was at Vaughn Rd. This information was kindly given by a fellow shopper. I also met 2 other Southern Savers and an Iheartpublix shopper! It was neat how we all had our lists and knew exactly where we were going and what we were getting! I also went to Sam's for some things such as bread, fruit and fish, since I had money left over.

Spent $43.07 OOP
Saved $83.91 - 66% (Cashier missed my $2/2 Right Guard coupon - I had a huge stack!)

Rite Aid:
Spent $22.29
Saved $62.11 - 73%
Get back $25.00 - $2.01 MM!

Spent $24.89 (Eye Solution ECB Deal & Gas Drops - no deal, but coupon and had to get)
Saved $8.99 - 27%
Got $3 ECB

Spent $39.51

Weekly Total:
Spent $135.46
Saved $155.01 - 54%
Get back $25

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