Saturday, March 27, 2010

Savings Saturday - Too Busy To Shop

This week has been so busy. I did a coupon workshop for some friends and was focused on that all week. Once that was over Thursday, I didn't do anything Friday.

I was thinking about going to RA and CVS to get some diapers and some free toothpaste, but my child has been throwing up today. He is 27 months and this is the first time he's ever gotten sick like this. We've been very blessed to not have to deal with all the other issues most people go through. I contribute that to regular chiropractic care and eating a mostly healthful diet. So, needless to say, I most likely won't be going out.

The only thing I have spent money on this week was at Publix and all I know is I spent $26 and didn't save much...maybe $8. It was mostly milk, fruit and some things for my workshop. I wasn't even in the frame of mind to take coupons with me. Sometimes you just don't care.

So, stay tuned next week. I'll have to go shopping next week and will definitely have to use some CVS coupons and ECB before they expire!

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