Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mambo Sprouts

It seems as though recently, I finding myself becoming more 'green'. I have not always been that way. Since the birth of my son 2 years ago, I seem to have changed my way of thinking regarding natural and organic products. I'm not just talking food here. For some reason, when you become a mom, you want to give your child the best! Thankfully, organic and natural products have come a long way and there is a great variety of products out there, at reasonable prices.

Have you heard of Mambo Sprouts? It is a company that encourages green and healthy living. They partner with several brands to offer organic coupons. Also, they have a great website with several very interesting articles, recipes, and giveaways every now and then.

You can subscribe to their site for free and receive a coupon booklet by mail 3 times per year, if you are unable to find it in your local natural and organic stores. Where I am located, we don't actually have any of the great stores like Whole Foods, Shop Rite, or Ukrop's. This is very unfortunate, but thankfully, I can hopefully receive this great booklet by mail! Of course, quantities are limited and not all subscribers will receive one. There is also an option for e-coupons that you can print at home.

There are some interesting articles here, regarding things like using natural foods and reducing waste.

Also, Earth Day is April 22nd, and if you are a fan of Mambo Sprouts on Facebook, then you might win a $10 gift card! Check it out!

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