Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Potty Training Day 2 - 3 & Tips

Yesterday and today have been somewhat of a whirlwind! I am just now sitting and able to write about our potty training.

Yesterday we had a great morning. We didn't have any accidents until his diaper at nap time. After nap, he woke up in a foul mood and when I tried to put him on the potty after, that was the end of it. He literally screamed and cried for about 20 minutes, for another reason, which I could not understand. I could not calm him down, so I just walked away, leaving him standing in the hall way. I went into my room to get ready to run errands and I heard his little feet pattering around, then I heard him yell 'Mommy!'. I knew what had happened and walked out to see him standing over a HUGE puddle. I asked him if he went on the floor and he said yes. We cleaned it up and he finally calmed down after that. I think he knew he needed to go, but didn't want to. He was upset that he had done it though. After a while, I told him that when he goes on the floor, it makes mommy sad, because I want him to potty in the potty. His response was 'Ok', pause 'Sorry Mommy'. My heart melted!! Who couldn't forgive that?!

In the middle of the night, about 12:40, I woke up to him screaming. I go in and find a diaper and thought 'I know there wasn't anything in the bed when I put him down'. I reached over and realized he was fully naked, the diaper was completely dry and there was another HUGE puddle in his bed. This was not fun. He did not want to be up, but I had to change the sheets, then it made for a long situation that turned into a midnight snack.

Today, we haven't had much success. He went first thing and then quickly lost interest. He got distracted and had 2 accidents, which he tried to hide by taking his underwear into the bathroom (he knows!). At nap time, he wore a diaper and after that he refused to potty, so I just kept him in the diaper and left it for the afternoon and evening. We are building a swing set, so there was a lot of activity going on as well.

With a day of failures, I am hoping that tomorrow we can get back into it. I'm praying that it will be a positive and successful day! While you wait to hear what happens next, here are a few more tips:

5. Privacy: You don't want someone watching you, neither do they! Close the door, but leave it cracked so you can discreetly peek in on them and redirect them if needed. This also helps them relax so they can let their body do what it is supposed to.

6. Distraction: If you have a toilet paper tearer like I do, it might be wise to put a basket of books or something in the bathroom so your child can have this distraction.

*At all times, remember, if you don't succeed, keep trying or try again another time! This may involve a break day or more. This is potty TRAINING after all, not the final result!

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