Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Savings Saturday - Sickness & Mystery Shopping

Sorry I didn't post my savings last week! I was hit on Wednesday with a touch of a horrible stomach virus that has been going around. On Saturday, we had some out of town friends here and I sat down to type up my deals, right when Ian woke up from nap. I forgot to do it that evening. Sunday, my husband woke up sick, so Ian and I went to church. When we came home, it didn't even cross my mind to work on it and then of course Ian was up. Sunday night and since, I have been dealing on and off with Ian's stomach bug. It has been no fun.

So, needless to say, I haven't posted anything. I don't know where my receipts are. I can tell you that I saved around 60% at Publix this week. Another great week. Plus, on top of those savings, I get $34 back from secret shopping! So, my savings would be more like 80s I'm guessing. CVS was ok, but I did the Whitestrip deal, so paid more OOP than usual, but have 10ECB to use this week....if I am able to leave the house!

If you are interested in earning some extra cash by mystery shopping, \-]=is a great place to start. You do have to put money up front, but you get reimbursed the following month. It is nice to have a meal or some groceries reimbursed every now and then! FYI, some of the sites make you use your SSN. Some don't. I have applied to almost all and when I am not required, don't, but you have to understand that for tax purposes, they will need this info. Just make sure your site is secure with the lock in the address bar.

Service Intelligence and Market Force are my favorite. Game Film does a good steak house one. Also, Focus on Service is for Longhorn and gives great pay.

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