Saturday, May 29, 2010

Savings Saturday

This week, I didn't need much, but I needed to stock up on items for the next 2 weeks. DH will have to fend for himself, so I'm trying to find easy things, on sale. It's kind of hard to find stuff on sale when you need it to be! Stockpiling is better, but I am buying things I typically don't buy, because they are easy and prepared!

Winn Dixie:
10 Lean Cusine Entrees/Flat Breads/Paninis @ $2.50 each
2 Free Skinny Cow Treats
Spending: $25.50
Savings: $23.25

Spent: $64.95
Saved: $55.25 - 46%

Found mega packs of Little Movers on sale for $8.99 - $3 MQ! Awesome deal. Little Swimmers, Fruit Loops and other stuff was stuff I needed for our trips (dramamine, caffeine tablets, generic zyrtec) and then the stuff I did the rolling for (Gillette and Crest).

Spent: $39.08 ($1.09 of this was on a GC - rolling deal)
Saved: $56.83 - 59%

Diapers $13.80
Saved $8.98 - 39%
Received $3 RR

Weekly Spending: $142.24
Weekly Savings: $144.31 - 50%

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