Friday, May 21, 2010

Target Deals And A Huge Hassle

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Target. The stores themselves are awesome and you can find some really awesome clearance deals, etc. However, where I shop, the employees tend to be on the rude and non coupon friendly side. It's not so much the cashiers as much as the supervisors and managers. It is very aggravating. The cashier missed one of my items and then the coupon beeped saying item not found, but the screen showed the right number of items, so the supervisor came over and after about 10 minutes, pushed the coupon through anyway because it showed 10 items. When I got to the car, I realized I didn't get 2 GC for the 2nd Kashi transaction because only 9 items were on the actual receipt. It was so weird and frustrating! Thankfully, the last person was helpful and knowledgeable, but by that time, I was flustered, angry that the one person couldn't comprehend my perfectly good English, embarrassed and had a screaming toddler who kept climbing out of the cart and running circles around people! I usually don't buy a whole lot of snack products, but we'll be traveling soon and I needed snack items for the drive.

I was going to take a picture, but I forgot and put everything away! Sorry!

I did find some good deals! There are alot of clearance items that you can use your soon to expire coupons on! Health and Beauty products were in abundance and included shower gel, razors, deodorant multi packs, and much more. Also there were candles, tissues, and other household items. There are a few examples in my scenarios below.

Kashi Bars x 5 @ $2.79 each
-$5 GC
2 Venus Embrace (Single cardboard pack without refill blade) @ $3.48 each
-$2 Venus
-$2 Venus
-$5 Gift Card wyb 2 Gillette Razors
=$2 Overage after GC
2 Gillette MVP (single cardboard pack without refill blade) @ $3.48 each
-$1 Gillette
-$1 Gillette
-$5 Gift Card wyb @ 2 Gillette Razors
= FREE after GC
Cereal x $2.34 (not typical - Ian was hungry and I wanted him quiet!)
Nivea Men Body Wash, with 1/2 Size Bonus Bottle @ $4.66 (Had women's too)
-$3 Nivea Men
Cat Toy @ $1.81
Cat Toy @ $1.38
= $26.37 OOP
Saved $29.00
Got $15 in GC

#2 (The pain transaction!)
9 Kashi Products @ $2.88 each
1 Kashi Products @ $2.84
-(9) $1 off Kashi product coupons
- (1) Free coupon valued at $2.88
3 Suave Kids Products @$1.89 each
Newman's Newton's @ $3.30
Tide Sport @ $8.99
-$1.50 Store
-$1 Tide
-$15 GC
=$20.82 OOP
Saved $44.76
Got $10 GC

So, although I spent a bit OOP, I still have $10 in GC to roll! Nothing beats free razors though! Go see what your Target has on clearance! Walk the end aisles!

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