Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 2 Potty Training

I must confess that since Wednesday, I have been pretty busy. I went out Tuesday night and Thursday night, by myself, and then went to a conference today.

Ian's pottying has kind of fallen to the back burner the last few days. He does well when I am completely focused on helping him, but hasn't reached the point where he knows to stop what he is doing and go on his own. His hesitancy has subsided a little bit, which is great. I think he just isn't quite sure what to do when he gets the sensations to go potty. He just kind of runs in circles. He knows where they are, but I think he still wants that help to get where he needs to be in time.

We've had quite a few more accidents in the last few days than usual as well. Today, since I was gone, he was in a diaper all day. Plus, he hasn't been feeling well with some kind of upper respiratory thing. He's been congested, hoarse and super cranky. It's great (sarcasm) to know that all these medications have been recalled....because I am in need of Motrin! It's the only thing that works for Ian when he gets this bad.

Back to the potty training, I'll be trying to get back on track tomorrow. If not completely, Monday will be a fresh new week and we'll get back on track for sure.

How are your pottying attempts going?

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