Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Grocery Trips

I did a bit of grocery shopping on Tuesday before the sales went off. I can't say that they were the healthiest trips, but that doesn't always happen, even though everyone around me thinks I'm a crazy, healthy person!

When you are checking out, or before you leave the store, check your receipt! I forgot to buy 1 of the items for the WD meal deal and paid full price for all the items that were supposed to be free. Thankfully, I caught it when I went to the car and got my $11 back! I also went to Target and was charged twice for 1 pack of Pullups!

Spent: $13.37
Saved: $9.35 - 41%

Winn Dixie (not pictured 2 Breyer's ice cream):
Spent: $37.10
Saved: $43.53 - 54%

Emergency Wipes - $7.69 (Saved $1)

Target: (Did the Schick razor deal. Rolled a $5 GC and made $1.02 off it.)
Spent: $41.60 OOP (used $5 GC)
Saved: $33.95- 45%

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