Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging With Purpose

If you haven't followed me for very long, and even if you have, then you may or may not know that I was chosen to attend the Savvy Blogging Summit in July. I am so excited as this will be my first blogging conference. I'm eager to learn some of the technical things that relate to blogging.

While the purpose of that conference is mostly business, I have recently browsed several of the other blog conferences that take place every year. One that stuck out to me was the Relevant conference which will be hosted in Harrisburg, PA in October.

One of the sponsors of this great event is Country Bob's. Not only are they sponsoring the event, but they are giving away a ticket. If you are not familiar with them, they are a company that creates grilling sauces. However, one thing I did not know is that they base their business practices on their faith, which is truly amazing these days! I have not tried their sauces, but have heard great things about them. Check out Country Bob's online. They are also available on Facebook and Twitter, so you can keep up with news and events. Visit their neat blog Sauce It Up for history of the company, neat recipes and giveaways.

The mission of the Relevant blogging conference is this:
The Relevant Conference exists to offer a place of face to face interaction with Christian women bloggers who want to be relevant in the larger blog and social media world. Our goal is to go beyond the surface into intentional blogging and real life living. We support women turning their hearts toward home and using their blogs to bless their families while also engaging the world for the glory of God. Relevant is a one-of-a-kind conference that seeks to engage women by teaching blogging techniques and social media skill while also urging and encouraging women to live fully integrated lives with their faith and family.

As a Christian blogger, I want to do more than just help my friends, and others, find great shopping deals and learn ways to be frugal. I want to influence and encourage others, as well as be a leader in my home and community. I know that God brought me to the point where I began blogging and He has led my direction since then. While praying regarding the direction of my blog, the Lord distinctly spoke to me and said that it is not about what I want, it is about what He wants to do through me. He told me that I am "Blogging with purpose". After looking at the list of sessions, this conference portrays exactly what I am looking for right now and I feel that it would help me gather a clearer vision of what my priorities should be and how I can incorporate blogging into it all. I would love to connect with other Christian women and bloggers, and grow relationships with them. I also seek encouragement regarding how I can use my blog for His glory and purpose, while focusing on my responsibilities as a wife and mother.

This is yet another part of the Relevant mission:
Relevant is a place to connect kindred hearts; to enjoy sweet and fruitful fellowship; to engage one another in sharing, inspiring, and learning, and to figure out how to integrate our lives fully with our faith and family…all the while glorifying Him amidst this blogging tidal wave.
I truly want my blog to be a ministry from the heart and for God to fulfill His plan through me, in my faith, my family, and engaging those around me. This is why I'd love the opportunity to attend the Relevant conference.

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