Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Shop Wholesale Clubs

Often times, many people think that when you coupon and stockpile, it is not necessary to shop wholesale clubs. I actually stopped shopping at Sam's Club for quite a while. However, I started going again and realized that there is some value in having that membership.

Recently though, I went into Costco to scope things out..again. I have heard about great improvements in the products they carry. When I went in, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of natural and organic products that they carry. So, when I saw the quality of products Costco carries, I jumped on the membership.

For this reason, as well as others regarding my local Sam's Club (quality of food, store environment, the length of time produce lasts, etc), I'll not be renewing that next month. I went in the other day and it was literally torture to shop there. I just wanted to get out!

I try as often as possible to buy natural and organic products for my family, because I know that they are healthier and do less harm to my family. That being said, I do not ALWAYS buy organic, because the prices can be significantly different. I try to buy natural and organic in the most important foods that have the most pesticides.

In all reality, to me, the prices at wholesale clubs CAN be comparable to savings in stores. It of course depends on the products you buy. I like Costco because they also send you coupons!

Milk and eggs are cheaper at wholesale clubs. Frozen fruit is cheaper (depending on the fruit you want). Bread and buns are cheaper and you get larger quantities (of some products) than grocery stores. We use large quantities of nuts and chocolate chips, and for the quantity, these are more affordable (to me) at wholesale clubs. I could go on, but haven't sat down and really gotten in to comparing as deep as I could.

Needless to say, it is a personal opinion whether you want to shop wholesale clubs or not. I value it and find that it works for me, but for others, it may not. Have you found it to be beneficial? Is it not worth it to you? What products are a better value at wholesale clubs vs supermarkets or vice versa? I'd love to hear some feedback!

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