Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trading Coupons

Have you ever gotten your Sunday paper and wondered why you pay for it, when you hardly get anything you can use? Have you wondered where in the world are all the GOOD coupons that you see previewed? Well, there is a simple solution to these!

You may be wondering where or how you get started trading. It is pretty easy, and is a great way to exchange what you do not use or cannot use, for the coupons you really want and find useful. When you think about having to pay for postage to request these coupons, remember that you will be saving WAY more than will make up for a couple of stamps!

Over at We Use Coupons, there is a board where you can post what you need, see what other people need and create a wish list for others to browse. You can even trade your expired coupons! Don't throw these away, as many people (including military families) can use them up to 3 months post date.

A word of advice: NEVER trade for anything other than coupons. You cannot always be sure that you are going to get what you request, but if someone is offering money or gift cards, etc, the likelihood that they will return the favor is probably pretty low. Don't ask how I know...

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