Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coupon Doubles

It is not always necessary to have a high value coupon. Stores like Publix and Winn-Dixie will double coupons....some stores Kmart. I know Publix's rule is double up to .50. If you shop Winn-Dixie, you should ask what the doubling policy is. Some coupons clearly state DO NOT DOUBLE on the top near the expiration. These are not allowed to be doubled and would be unethical to do so yourself, or let them do so. Those things are what give couponers a bad rap.

This doubling may give you more incentive to buy at grocery stores rather than Walmart. I know I can get a dozen of the Eggland's Best eggs cheaper at Publix than I can at Walmart, because Publix doubles the coupon to .70.

If you have a coupon that is more than the value of the item you are purchasing due to a sale, make sure you are buying other items. Most stores will not pay you cash for an overage, but the computer will let it slide if you have other items to which it can count 'off'. For instance, the Schick razors B1G1 at Publix this week for 5.XX. They each rang up at 1/2 of that price and I had (2) $3 coupons. I had several other items, so I used then both no problem and the leftover paid for the tax on the items pretty much.

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