Sunday, June 21, 2009


Have you heard of Upromise? It is a college savings site. They are linked with Sallie Mae, if you have a loan already. The point of it is to use your every day purchasing to help save money for college. Now, it isn't going to be LOADS of cash in your account, and it isn't on every item you buy. There is a list of items that qualify, which you can check out here. It costs nothing to sign up. Check it out for more details.

The really cool thing about it is, you link your CVS, Winn-Dixie, Publix (ask for it at checkout) and other cards to the account and it automatically credits your account the amount you earn (if you remember to use it...I always forget about Publix). Also, they post e coupons so that if you buy a particular item at these stores, you get that amount credited to your account. It has no affect on what coupons you can physically use, i.e. store or manufacturer coupons. Here is an example. 2 weeks ago they had get 1.50 on Huggies. They are on sale 8.99 this week, so you could use a $1.50 Huggies manufacturer coupon and pay 7.49, but also get 1.50 in your Upromise account to save for college or help pay down your loan.

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