Monday, June 8, 2009

My first hint for you!

The first hint I have is to invest in the Sunday paper!! That $1.50 will be paid back to you by using a few of the coupons that come in it! Now, that being said, there is usually about 1 Sunday a month where there are no coupon inserts, so you get a bit of a break. Your first mission is to start stocking up on coupons! Buy the paper when you can. Spare change makes for easy payment!

Also, visit this site and become a member. Read the basics and get started in the 'Coupon Trading' section. Here, you can tell people what coupons you are looking for. Once you have some that you don't want, you can trade them for the ones that YOU value. Also, you can join a train. This is where about 5 people send one envelope around with a pile of coupons in it. You pick what you need and put what you don't need in it. You do have to pay for the shipping which can be anywhere from 1 stamp to $2 postage. So, don't get carried away, because it could get expensive. I am a part of 4 I think, but the spread between them is good enough that I don't get bombarded.


If you need any help, don't hesitate to email me!


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