Monday, June 8, 2009

One more hint....

Before I am off to bed....

I buy my health and beauty items, and some household items, mostly at drugstores now. Sometimes Target, if there is a really good sale or they are giving gift cards with purchase of X.

My absolute favorite place is CVS. You may be a Walgreens person, which is fine, but I find that I can get more for my money at CVS. Plus, they are super helpful.

I encourage you to sign up for an Extra Care card. With it, you get store $$ back when you purchase qualifying items. With this, you can in turn use it towards your next purchase, so you aren't paying as much money out of your own pocket.

You can order it online, but you'll have to wait to get it in the mail. The fastest way is to pop in a store and sign up. You get it instantly and can begin using it.


HOWEVER, if you take it home and go here, you can sign up and register the card online and get an email coupon such as $4/$20 purchase to print out and take with you the first time! Sometimes it doesn't work attaching the card to your account. You may have to call or email customer service if you have issues. Don't miss out on your coupon by letting it slide!


Also, some locations have a 'price scanner' that when you scan your card, will actually print out store coupons! The only ones I am aware of are CVS @ Zelda/Vaughn - was DEAD this past Sunday and Millbrook somewhere. They are supposedly red, but the one I saw was blue/grey.

For more help on CVS visit The Thrifty Mama:


Good night!!

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