Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CVS Run $3.07 OOP

I love those prescription gift card coupons!! I haven't had to use any money the last few weeks!! I paid .17 in change for one of these, but who needs all the change?! I also finally got the Ready Fill Coupon Book. All I did was ask and he gave me one....would've liked more!! ;-)

My store was out of the paper, composition books and only had 1 pencil box. Also, I didn't know the Loreal was limit of two! I am going to print some more coupons and go back!! I want to get my free bag of goodies!!! Also, I will probably use the other 4/20 coupon from the Ready Fill book to make it cheap.

Transaction 1:
M/M @ 1.00
Loreal Facial Cleanser @ 5.99
Loreal Revitalift @ 14.99
-4/20 Beauty coupon from Ready Fill book
-5.00, 1.00 MQ
-7.99, 4.00 ECB
= -.01
Total 1.43 on Gift Card
Received $10 ECB

Transaction 2:
2 Pens @ .99
1 Tampon @ 1.89
1 Play ball @ 1.19 (Ian's blew away last time!)
-4.00 ECB
Total 1.47 on Gift Card
Received 1.89, 1.99 ECB

Transaction 3:
1 School Box (cashier said they had them and I looked and 1 was hidden)
-1.98 ECB
= .01
Total .17 OOP
Received 2.00 ECB
because there was no price sticker and she had to manually enter it.

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