Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Point Earning Site

I was just referred to a cool new site called Lockerz. It is kind of like the Swagbucks concept where you earn point by doing certain things and redeem for prizes. It hasn't officially started yet, but you can get in now and start earning points!

This new site is invitation only. You get points each day for logging in and answering a poll of the day. When you first sign up you get some bonus points by playing a little game. I just earned 23 points. I think the minimum prize is 5 points.

The prizes are pretty awesome. Brand name bags and jewelry, Ipod Touch or Nano, Macbook, Wii products and games, as well as other system games.

You get 2 points per friend you get to join. When you get 20 friends to sign up, you get preferred status which gives you a FREE tshirt, double points and VIP status.

The site was so popular that they sold out of ALL their prizes. They will be adding more tomorrow, so sign up now!!

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