Thursday, August 27, 2009

Importance of Socialization

Since February, I have been a full time SAHM. Before that, I worked as a nurse 2 days a week and before Ian was born, 3 days a week. Work was my social time and me time. I loved being a nurse, but when Ian came along, that changed some. I wanted to be at home caring for him and loving him. I was blessed to have family that could watch him while I worked, but it still wasn't me. Then, the hours got to be too much and I was exhausted and basically useless on my days off. Ian deserved so much more. I quit my job and although I miss it sometimes for the adult interaction, I am so much happier being at home and I know he is better of for having me home.

I really haven't gotten into too many activities outside the home since I quit. It kind of gets repetitive and you realize that you are talking to everyone on the toddler level, which is humorous, but embarrassing too! The last couple of weeks, I have craved the interaction of other moms. I decided to start a playgroup with some moms who also SAH with their kids. I truly realize that it is not just me that craves interaction with others, but moms like me.

It is very important for each of us to interact with someone on our own level. Kids need other kids to play with every now and then, and adults need adults. We are planning on getting together once a week on certain weeks of the month to just hang out and let the kids play, while we socialize. Last week I went to a group, which was just small because of all the sickness, and I really enjoyed it. Ian enjoyed playing with other kids his age too. Today, we had a group at my house and it was only two other moms, but all the little boys seemed to enjoy being around other kids. It is so nice to be able to talk to other people!

If you haven't been involved in anything, I encourage you to search out other moms like yourself who need interaction. Call some churches around and inquire about Mother's Day out or playgroups that meet. Also, look up your local MOPS group. If there isn't anything available where you are, do like I did, suggest it to some other people and start it yourself! All it takes is the suggestion to get the ball rolling and before you know it, you'll have a nice little playgroup of your own!

We meet on a set day certain weeks. We will rotate who hosts it that particular week and that person will provide a snack and drink for the kids. When it is cooler, we will go to the park, playground, zoo, etc. Hopefully we can find some other interesting things to do as well.

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