Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blessed to be a Mother

I am so amazed at Ian. Watching a child grow from being able to do nothing, to being able to watch and repeat what you do exactly, is just mind blowing. How great is our God that he created us like that?! I am so blessed to be able to experience motherhood and the challenges and rewards it entails, however difficult it may be at times.

Ian is into everything lately, but it's more of the wanting to know how everything works, not just getting into everything.

He wants to sit on the counter and watch me cook. He know that the eggs get cracked into the bowl, we stir them, they go into the pan, get stirred more and then he can eat them. He knows that they are hot when the come off that pan and automatically blows them.

While we were at the beach, there was alot of fishing going on. He wanted to do what he saw everyone else doing. He found my nephew's rod and started acting like he was casting it. When my father in law was fishing, he wanted to know exactly what every part was and what it did. He can't communicate that verbally, but he pointed at everything and we explained and he made little noises like he actually understood in return.

Ian's favorite thing is to get on the tractor (with or without daddy!) which, for now, is in our garage. He knows to climb up there, acts like he is putting the key in and then tries to push the gear handles and steer the wheel.

As impressionable as he and other children are at this age, it is so important for us to be examples and set the ground rules for them. This age is difficult in the discipline and communication aspects, but they understand way more than we give them credit for. I pray that I can lead him in a positive way and be the best example that he could have, not only in the physical aspect, but the spiritual as well.

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