Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend in Atlanta

My mother, sister, Ian and I went to Atlanta this weekend. My sister had a conference she was attending and I went to accompany mom. It was an interesting weekend, full of shall I say, adventures?!

We left at 4pm and didn't get there til 730pm. In the mean time, it was raining and horrible driving weather. When we got there, the GPS took us on a wild, back roads chase to the bus stop so we could pick up my sister's friend. In the process, more rain, huge potholes and somewhere in there a lost hubcap. Finally, we made it to the bus stop and I realized I had to get gas, or we'd be stuck. The GPS took us on another hunt for a gas station and then back to the back roads to the hotel.

Thank goodness the hotel was nice! We basically parked the cars and got someone to bring our bags up. We were on the 12th floor and so thankful, because that little cart was jam packed to the brim with bags! Not to mention, it was so busy. We would stand about 5 minutes waiting for an elevator to ride down.

Ian was a typical 2 year old, not wanting to cooperate and being overtired and sick of being in the car. Friday we didn't do any shopping because he was so ornery. Saturday, we did get to go shopping and found a few things, but nothing really different than home. Ian cooperated much more that day. We even went to a Publix that had the coupon booklets!!

Needless to say, it was a long, somewhat stressful weekend. I don't regret going though. Next time, maybe I can leave Ian behind with daddy!!

I love vacation, but am so glad to be home and will hopefully stay put for a few weeks at least!

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