Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diaper Opinion

The other night, I had a conversation with another mom about diapers. We were really talking about the cost of diapers and how much I try to pay per diaper. Of course in the discussion, the brands came up and I shared what diapers I like.

I was always of the opinion that I would use Pampers for diapers. Having worked at a daycare, I got to see the quality of a broad range of brand and off brand diapers. Opinions form very quickly when you're changing 2 year old diapers 4-5 times a day!

There is a history of an allergy to Huggies diapers in my family. My mom wasn't sure which one of the four of us it was. When Ian was born, I used Pampers for probably the first year and a half, because of the potential allergy. When I started learning about CVS and the cost per diaper and the fact that the price at Sam's doesn't necessarily give you the best deal, I decided to try Huggies. We had no issue with allergies to the Huggies brand, so I have since changed to mostly Huggies since they seem to be on sale more at CVS and I always have way more coupons for Huggies vs. Pampers.

A few weeks ago Rite Aid had the 3/$33 diaper deal with $10 rebate. I cashed in on this great deal because I had the $3 Huggies Pure and Natural Coupons, plus the video values coupon and a $5/$25. Basically, after rebate, I got 3 packs of diapers for a little less than 1 pack on sale ($7.99 or so). I bought the Huggies Snug and Dry and the Pure and Natural.

Let me tell you, even though they are the same brand, there is a world of difference! I absolutely love the Pure and Natural diapers. They are super soft, seem to breathe better, are stretchy and very comfortable (it seems). To read more on that review go here. I usually by the Little Movers because they work well for my toddler.

Today, the dreaded day came when I ran out of those wonderful Pure and Natural diapers. I decided to keep the one Pampers pack I have left in the closet and pulled out the Snug and Dry. Let me tell you, they are nothing like the other varieties of Huggies. They seem so narrow and there is not much flexibility on the waist band. They actually don't seem to wrap around Ian as well as the other varieties do. We have only used 3 today, but they have not been holding things in like they should. I'm fairly disappointed in these diapers. Now I have to work my way through the pack and find some of those Pure and Natural at Rite Aid for $5.99 this week, before they go off sale. I'm kind of eager to do that anyway, because Rite Aid is doing a buy 5 get the 6th pack free promotion with the rebate program.

The moral of this story is to stick with the diapers that you know and love. You can always stock up and buy them on sale when you see them. I think the bigger point is to stock up more than you think you should because you run out of what you like faster!

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