Monday, February 1, 2010

One A Day Vita Craves Gummes Review

I recently received a bottle of One A Day Vita Craves Gummies, courtesy of, a new free product testing program, and One A Day. I have been using them over a few weeks now.

On instinct, after opening the bottle, I took a whiff. Please don't do this! It just has that nasty vitamin smell and almost turns you off. However, they are very tasty. My favorite are the red and purple. The orange is ok, but I'm not much of an orange flavor fan. If you have a problem swallowing a pill, etc, these would be good for you, because all you do is pop them in your mouth and chew them up.

I am not excited, at all, about the ingredients. Since these are gummies, they are made from wax and have glucose syrup and sugar in them, as well as artificial flavors and food dyes. Of course this is what makes them taste yummy! I have no problem swallowing vitamins, so these would not be something I purchased for myself. I prefer a more natural vitamin without the things that our body was not made to process.

One thing that these vitamins claim to be is a 'Complete Multivitamin' and 'Multivitamin/Multi mineral' supplement. Looking over the list of vitamins and minerals on the back, I am disappointed. Yes, they have your basic A, B, C, D, E, as well as iodine, zinc, etc. However, they do not contain calcium, magnesium, iron or any antioxidants. These actually even contain less vitamins/minerals than the same brand of women's vitamin. Of course these are just a generic adult vitamin. I would suggest getting a men's or women's vitamin that better suits the different needs of the opposite gender.

Honestly, I would rather pay more for a vitamin that was more complete and didn't have all the artificial ingredients in it. These are affordable, yes, but they are not all that your body needs! There are much better options out there, and I believe our bodies are worth paying for them!

*This opinion is purely my own, based on testing this product.*

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