Saturday, January 30, 2010

Savings Saturday

I have been to Target way too many times this week! On the other hand, I didn't go to CVS or Walgreens, just Rite Aid for some diapers and some other things. I really didn't need any groceries either, so I just stocked up on some of the B1G1 deals and purchased in hopes of getting the Unilever Rebate.

Spent: 64.55
Saved: 36.88 - 36%
Hope to get $10 Gift Card for Unilever Deal (Got boxed diapers and 2 TP)

Rite Aid:
These shops were for Pure and Natural Huggies (my $1 video values expired 1/31, so I wanted to use it. Plus for Feb, there is a $3 SCR, plus my $2.50 MQ - 5.49/pk), Cottonelle TP and the Maybelline.

Spent: 17.25
Saved: 16.34 - 49%
Receive: $5 back

Target: (I have to confess this is an estimate, but I'm pretty sure it is accurate. It was a windy night and I had my receipt in my hand, walked out the door and the wind whipped it right out of my hand! It was one of those movie moments!)

This included 4 large bottles of Tide Stain Release, 2 Greenworks Laundry Detergent and 6 Electrasol Detergent tabs! Also, I did the Huggies diaper deal, because we were completely out!

Spent: 57.48
Saved: 54.00 - 48%

Total Spent: 139.28
Total Saved: 107.22 - 43%

I should be set for a while on toilet paper and diapers! Also, I am in no need of cereal any time soon! I'm hoping to get by for a few weeks on less than my budget and less OOP.

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