Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 6-8

Well, we're one week into potty training!! I think overall things are going better than I could have expected.

Saturday was a really good day. We had one accident when he lost the concentration to hold it. Also, we are having a BIG reluctance to do other things. That didn't go well and we had an accident in underwear.

Sunday was also another really good day. However, daddy and mommy were working on the swing set and although I continued to ask, I should have taken him in and sat him down on the potty. So, needless to say, he had an accident. Again, we had reluctance with the other, but caught it in time to go on the potty.

Today has been a crazy, terrible two kind of day. Frustration abounded on both Ian and mommy today. Ian has this problem where when he goes into time out, he lets go. Today was no exception...a nice big puddle on the wood floor. At least he tells me when he is wet. Then, when he went for a nap, he decided to take his diaper off. Well, that didn't end well and I had to change the sheets. We are back to a diaper for our other potty needs, which he ended up doing at nap time too (no nap today AT ALL!). I'm ok with him going in the diaper. Of course I'd like him to go in the potty, but I know it will come completely in time. I understand that he isn't quite comfortable yet. He had also been holding it, so I didn't really want him to get constipated.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day all around. We have errands to do, so we'll see how it goes. Not sure if I want to put underwear on or keep a diaper on and just take him to the potty when I can.

How is potty training going for you?

Here are some more tips:

9. Disposal Source:
Keep a designated trash can or bag handy to throw away wipes if you can't flush them in your system. We have septic, so we try not to flush excessive things.

10. Cleaning: Dirty underwear is no fun to clean. If you're funny about cleaning and reusing, throw them away (although it will get costly!). If you're trying to be frugal and aren't bothered, buy a pair of tongs, swish the underwear in the toilet and flush. Keep doing this until they're clean enough. Designate a bucket each day with water and some type of cleaning/stain removal solution (Stain Release, Clorox 2, etc). At the end of the day, wash the dirty underwear. These steps save you multiple small loads, saving you time and water!


  1. yay Ian! Glad things are going well with y'all! Ethan is doing pretty good - Thursday and Friday were pretty great, but he spent the night away Friday night so got a little sidetracked. Today went well though! He still won't poop on the potty though - we'll get there eventually! Thanks for the tips about cleaning, those are great ideas!

  2. Mom came up with the last one!